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Weightloss Journey – Anthony Camilleri

Posted by 1300weightloss1 on November 6, 2009

Starting Weight: 124 kgs        BMI   40.9
Current Weight:    88 kgs         BMI   29.7
At my heaviest, I weight 124 kgs and whatever diet I went on, nothing seemed to work. I did lose weight on some diets but quickly gained the weight back on and more.
I suffered from sleep apnoea most nights (I wake up gasping for air which was very frightening for me and my wife), high blood pressure (mainly due to a a stressful job), general fatigue and low self esteem.
I first heard about the gastric band procedure from my uncle who lives in Melbourne. He weighed 170 kgs. After having the gastric band procedure he reduced his weight to 100 kgs in approximately 12 months. When I heard about his, I decided to do some research.
I saw an ad in the Sunday Mail newspaper about a seminar and decided to attend to find out more information. I left the seminar feeling very excited and confident that this was going to work for me so I booked and appointment to see the nurse consultant straight away.

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  1. Adam said

    Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last week.

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