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Lapband or Stomach Banding

Posted by 1300weightloss1 on November 9, 2009

The adjustable gastric band (lapband) is 12mm wide, made of soft silicone and is equipped with an inflatable balloon. This device is inserted around the upper stomach, usually by keyhole (laparoscopic) access in the majority of patients. In a small number of patients, the laparoscopic access may not be suitable and hence an upper abdominal incision may be warranted. The lapband is made up of a pliable band to which is firmly attached an inflatable balloon. This balloon on the side of the band is connected by a tube to an injection port.

Lap Banding

Note that lap banding works by restricting the amount of food that is eaten and not the type of food. It is still very important to avoid foods of high caloric content and those foods that will easily pass through the restriction, such as ice cream, custards and chocolates.



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