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Stomach Band

Posted by 1300weightloss1 on November 9, 2009

The stomach band is positioned around the upper part of the stomach so as to create an “hour-glass” effect. The smaller pouch lies above the band and has a capacity of 15-20ml. The remaining stomach lies below the band. The lap band, by squeezing the stomach, determines the opening or outlet from the small pouch and thus limits the amount of food that can pass out of the pouch. This device helps induce weight loss by 2 mechanisms:

  • restricts the amount of food that the stomach can hold at any time by inducing an early feeling of satiety
  • slows down the emptying from the pouch, thereby decreasing food intake

The size of the pouch outlet is adjusted by regulating the volume of fluid in the balloon. The volume in the balloon can be adjusted by injecting or removing fluid from the band at any time after the operation through the injection port. This is done according to changes in weight.More..


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