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Gastric Banding Surgery

Posted by 1300weightloss1 on April 21, 2010

If your obese and are looking to lose weight and have tried diet and exercise then surgery might be restricted reply. In a restrictive surgery eg: – Gastric band surgeons use a variety of techniques to reduce the size of the stomach. After restrictive surgery, a person feels full faster, eats less, and thus losing weight.

Laparoscopic gastric banding is often called gastric band surgery or Lap-Band is the second largest weight loss after gastric bypass surgery.

* Using laparoscopic tools, the procedure will place an adjustable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach.

* Squeezed by this silicone gastric band, the stomach becomes a pouch with about an inch-wide outlet. After banding, the stomach can only hold about an ounce of food, so you will feel full alot faster.

* A plastic tube runs from the silicone gastric band to a circluar device just under the skin. Saline (sterile salt water) can be injected or removed through the skin, flowing into or out of the silicone band.

* By adding the saline the band can be tightened or loosened as needed. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding can contribute to your weight by 40% in average. So someone 200 pounds overweight could expect to lose an average of 80 pounds after gastric banding. However, the results vary greatly among individuals.

Gastric banding is considered the least invasive surgery and weight loss is also safer as well. The process can be reversed if needed, and the stomach usually returns to normal size.

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