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Weight Loss Surgery: Instant Weightloss Solution

Posted by 1300weightloss1 on April 29, 2010

Public belief about weight loss surgery is something of an intense nature. It is extensively observe as the last resort for people who are desperately trying to lose weight by conventional means such as diet and exercise, but do not get the desired results. This is far from truth. Recent developments in medicine and surgery have made weight loss surgery not only safer and more affordable, but also more and more popular. Nowadays, an increasing number of people choosing to have weight loss surgery as a last resort, but as the first and only step in their weight management efforts.

The whole world runs after the ideal weight. It seems almost every one of us is not utterly happy with our body weight. We believe that it is far from what it should be. Regrettably this is not very far from the truth. Obesity is a major problem around the world. Our hectic lifestyles, hurried meals and dependence on processed foods are heavier and bigger than we should be. To make matters worse, obesity has been proven to be a dangerous condition because it makes the body more vulnerable to diseases like heart disease, seizures, cancer, diabetes and more.

Diet and exercise have always been the two cornerstones of any weight loss plan. Countless people have benefited. However, the results, in most cases, have a lot to be desired. In 1991, the National Institute of Health (NIH) reviewed 4500 publications on weight loss and found that the maximum sustainable weight loss by diet, exercise and behavioral therapy program is 25 pounds. Fifty years of research shows that diets fall short of providing lasting weight loss. Not many of us can fight the constant battle with fatigue, hunger and lack of flexibility. The problem lies in the fact that diets are designed to eat on a prescribed agenda. This is limed, regardless of one’s personal preferences. We all want to accelerate weight loss and diets can be really great there. However, in most cases, such diets call for unrealistic and drastic changes that translate into good lifestyle changes.

The biggest problem with a weight loss program consisting of dietary control and exercise is that although it might not be easy for the excess weight to bear at first, soon the pace drops as the body begins to adapt to new changes . Furthermore, keeping the weight off again is a very difficult position. It perpetually returns as one tries to return to normal life and regular eating.

Weight loss surgery takes care of this problem easily. Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band (LAGB), or gastric banding surgery has surprised the world with excellent results. Men and women around the world use it to reduce obesity and control. In fact, gastric banding surgery is hailed as one of the best weapons to fight obesity and overweight. For those looking to lose weight quickly, and hold it for good, sharp dramatic changes in one’s diet or lifestyle, LAGB is an excellent choice.

If you are somber about losing weight fast devoid of losing your patience, it’s time to receive weight loss surgery seriously.

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